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Marine Highly Conductive Silver Coatings


RF Solutions apply highly conductive silver to products with a deformable gasket, the material design ensures that there is no loss of conductivity whilst the assembled product prevents water ingress.

The majority of Marine products requiring shielding are navigational, path finders and sonar fish monitors, along with traditional navigation and communications.

The product has to withstand very harsh conditions in extremes of weather, the designed product must prevent salt water ingress, which is destructive and corrosive to electronics, the coating choice is important to the safe operation of the equipment and must not degrade through salt water.


Silver is a recommended material for such devices, it is very reflective and has a thin film thickness in application which allows a device to either be sealed by friction or compression or when using gaskets. However a word of warning, when using gaskets in combination with a silver coating for EMC, some rubbers such as EDPM, out gas and corrode the silver coating, forming silver nitrates which is inherently non-conductive, this process of decay can leave the product unprotected.

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