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Compliant Silver

thumb-compliant-silverEMC Shield Silver Conductive Colloid RF5001 CS-C has been formulated to meet the strictest control of electrical interference both radiation and susceptibility. It is formulated with specially prepared silver flakes and conductive resins to provide a conductive layer when applied by RFSolutions, compatible onto plastic, resins and metal substrates for a wide range of products. The highly conductive shield RF5001-CS-C when applied to specification provides an effective shielding against radiated radio and Electromagnetic interference (RFI&EMI) and in other application can act as a groundplane to protect against electrostaticdischarge (ESD).


Key Points

  • Compatible with sensitive plastics.
  • Effective Shielding at less than 12.5 Microns dry film thickness.
  • Passes UL Environmental Requirements UL746C.
  • Excellent Adhesion and Cohesion
  • Can be applied to most substrates Plastics, metals and some rubbers.
  • Excellent Abrasion resistance scuff resistant.
  • Highly conductive finish achieved within a few hours.
  • Standard adhesion cross hatch test to ASTM D-3359-95a requirements.
  • Typical resistance at 12.5 microns dry film >0.015ΩOhms / sq.
  • RCA Abrader passes 500+ Cycles @ 25 microns dry film at 55 grams.
  • COSHH, RoSH and REACH Compliant material
  • Tested for long-term environmental stability to UL746C
  • Temperature ageing – 85 deg C for 56 days
  • Temp Cycling – 10 cycles of, 75⁰C for 1hr, Ambient for 1hr & -30⁰C 1hr
  • Humidity – 35⁰C for 56 days at 95% R.H.
  • No degradation of properties after Environmental testing




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